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Bengals Batch Cocktail Recipe!

Here's a simple recipe & a few helpful party tips for your next jungle juice tailgate party!

Party Tip #1 : Get ICE!!!  Have a bucket of ice ready for your Bengals Fan's to make their own Jungle Juice.

Party Tip #2 : Do not add ice to your pitcher, add ice to the glass, you do not want to water down your drinks. 

Party Tip #3 : Put all of your cocktail ingredients in the fridge so they are COLD when you begin making Jungle Juice.  

Party Tip #4 : Preset your glasses with orange slice garnishes, one less thing for you to do when the party gets started and makes it easy for everyone to serve themselves. 

Ingredients :

This will make 8 servings of Jungle Juice!

Plain or orange vodka -2.5  cups

Triple Sec- 1/4 cup

Aperol or Campari (optional) 1/4 cup

*2 bottles of orange flavored ICE sparkling water or  orange LaCroix or San Pellegrino-COLD*

Fresh or Premium Orange juice  1 bottle of premium (52 ounces) or 9 cups. 

You will need approximately a 5 pound bag of oranges if you are squeezing fresh juice. 

1 navel orange for garnish

1 blood orange for garnish.

Process :

Step one: Slice the oranges for garnish and set aside for later. 

Step two: Squeeze enough oranges so you have 9 cups of fresh juice, I strain mine to reduce the amount of pulp.  If you want to skip this step, I suggest buying ultra  low pulp premium orange juice (not the kind that comes frozen in the can).  Why the Aperol or Campari, well first they are THE  trending drink plus it adds a little complexity to the cocktail to move it away from a screwdriver to the next level and it makes the Jungle Juice a beautiful color.

Step 3: Add all ingredients you are using EXCEPT *the orange flavored ICE sparkling water, LaCroix or San Pellegrino* into a pitcher. DO NOT ADD ICE to the pitcher!!

Step 4: Put in the fridge until your guests arrive.

Step 5: When your Bengals Fans arrive, remove the drink from the fridge,stir with a wooden spoon to mix.

Step 6: Open and add the  COLD sparkling water and half of the sliced oranges to the vessel for decoration.

Step 7: Put the pitcher next to the ice bucket and preset glasses with garnishes and let everyone serve themselves!



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