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Handheld Breakfast Crunchwrap

*as seen on Fox19Now Oct 1, 2021


  • 1 Soft flour tortilla-large

  • Lehr's Prime Market Applesauce Breakfast Sausage, crumbled and taken out of casing and cooked

  • One scrambled egg

  • Chopped Onions and peppers sauteed

  • one slice of your favorite cheese (we used Street Ched from Urban Stead)

  • Your favorite apple sliced very thin, I like a super crunchy apple like Honey Crisp for this.


  1. Spray large pan with cooking spray

  2. Make one cut in the tortilla to the center

  3. Add scrambled egg to the pan and let cook until it begins to dry around the edges

  4. Place tortilla on top egg let cook for another minute

  5. Flip tortilla over so egg is on top

  6. Find the cut in the tortilla, next to it add 1/2 of slice of cheese (in about a 1/3 of the. tortilla)

  7. then add the sausage onions and peppers in the next third, add the apple and cheese to the final third.

  8. Starting at the sliced point, fold to create a triangle with the tortilla and cook until the outside is crunchy

  9. Enjoy, or freeze/reheat/enjoy!

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