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The story behind

that dam jam!

Family Photograph
"Reheated biscuits are better than reheated conversation!"

On the left is Grandma Ruth, in the middle is my Mother Sue, and on the right is my Grandfather Thad. Ruth is a cooking legend in our family. She imparted great advice about sharing love through her cooking. She shared these thoughts with my Mother, on her wedding day in the form of a recipe box with this note appearing first. 

"Cooking is in your blood. The women on your maternal side prided themselves on their good, plain cooking.  To assemble an outstanding meal takes just as much artistry as painting a picture and much more menial labor. By the same token, a beautiful painting doesn't come from a freezer or a can. These are your tools, you must be the creator. Learn to cook meals that will leave you free to enjoy your guests- reheated biscuits are better than reheated conversation."​

A Silver Lining to the Pandemic!

   Barbie Hahn, Chief Sunshine Officer & Founder of That Dam Jam has been making pepper jam in her home kitchen for over a decade!

   After creating what would become our best-selling "Pineapple Habanero Jam" and sending it out to friends and family during the pandemic as a gift, many began asking for "more of that dam jam" and a small business was born! Based in Milford, OH - That Dam Jam Co. specializes in unique, versatile pineapple pepper jams! 

That Dam Jam Lady Barbie Hahn
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