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How it all started...

that dam jam

"Reheated biscuits are better than reheated conversation"

On the left is my Grandma Ruth, in the middle is my Mother Sue, and on the right is my Grandfather Thad. Ruth is a cooking legend in our family. She imparted great advice about sharing love through her cooking. She shared these thoughts with my Mother, on her wedding day in the form of a recipe box with this note appearing first. 

"Cooking is in your blood. The women on your maternal side prided themselves on their good, plain cooking.  To assemble an outstanding meal takes just as much artistry as painting a picture and much more menial labor. By the same token, a beautiful painting doesn't come from a freezer or a can. These are your tools, you must be the creator. Learn to cook meals that will leave you free to enjoy your guests- reheated biscuits are better than reheated conversation."​


Our artisan jams were designed with BIG flavor in small batches to make your life easier without compromising on quality!  Give your guests something to talk about at your next party and add pizzaz to chicken, pork or fish or as an accompaniment to your Charcuterie board!  Great taste does not have to be complicated, just start with good ingredients. 


Grandma would be proud...


The Suburban Chef on Fox 19

About 10 years ago Fox19 in Cincinnati held a search to find a person who was not a chef, but loved to cook and desired to share cooking ideas and techniques with local viewers.  I auditioned and was put into the competition. Viewers were asked to vote for the cook who would win the title The Suburban Chef.  I am excited to say that I won and with no instruction or training began demonstrating how to cook family favorites with a focus on using local ingredients and recipes directly from my Grandmothers recipe box.  I am often inspired by my friends recipes or their family recipes that were handed down to them. Cooking inspiration is all around me!

Oh how I love coming up with ideas! Ideas to save money, time, incorporating local ingredients and stress free recipes. You can catch me on FOX19 the first Friday of every month at 9:45 am EST live or if you stream Fox19Now on your phone or device. 

Tune in & see what I will cook up next!

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