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Where to Buy That Dam Jam 

How did I get here? It's kind of an interesting story. It began with family, friends, colleagues, and former colleagues. Then the circle expanded to include women - often strangers - who really had nothing to gain personally but nevertheless gave me a platform to help legitimatize my product. I wouldn't be here without them, and we're growing fast!

Know a store that needs to be stocking That Dam Jam? (It's the perfect unique gift!)

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Community supported agriculture

Green Girl Gardens
Market Wagon

Where it all Began...

Lehr's, where I had shopped for decades, was recently taken over by a woman named Allison Homan. I liked the changes she was making, carrying lots of local items and specialty foods. I called and asked if she would taste a sample of my jam, and she said "can you be here at 4:00?"  I brought my samples and she said she would take all that I had and asked for more! She has helped and guided me throughout the process of scaling up from my home kitchen to larger production methods. She has done this over and over for many other small businesses. She truly lives "shop and buy locally." Stop in Lehr's to see all of the local makers  she supports. 

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