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Easy pan fried Pepper jelly cream cheese wontons!

You'll never want frozen wontons again when you see how easy fresh ones are to make at home!

Checkout this recipe below using our new Pineapple Jalapeño Jam & cream cheese as a filling!

Ingredients :

That Dam Jam (Any Flavor)

Cream Cheese (4 oz. or so - depends on how many wontons you make!)

Wonton Wraps

Vegetable Spray


Step 1) Lay out 6-8 wonton wraps on a cutting board or flat workspace and have a small bowl of water handy for wetting the edges of your wraps

Step 2) Spoon about a teaspoon of cream cheese + jam into the center of each wrap (the key here is to not overstuff your wraps!)

Step 3) Use a very small amount of water to moisten the edges of your wonton wrap, and pull the edges together making first a triangle shape, then folding up one corner to make a wonton shape. Ensure all edges are sealed so that no pepper jelly or cream cheese goodness oozes out while they're cooking! Once your wontons are all sealed up, sprinkle a dusting of sea salt over each one!

Step 4) Meanwhile, have a cast-iron skillet heating up with a light layer of vegetable oil - a LIGHT layer! I just sprayed an even layer of cooking spray. Once the oil is medium-hot, add your wontons! Brown them on one side for 1-2 minutes, then use tongs to continuously rotate your wontons until desired crispiness!

Step 5) LET COOL on a bed of paper towels to dry off excess oil!


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