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Jam & Cheese Tartlets - Perfect for Holidays!

With holiday season fast approaching, everyone is on the hunt for holiday hacks and simple appetizers! We've got the perfect 3 ingredient appetizer for your holiday spreads!

Makes 12 Tartlets


1 Package Puff Pastry

About 1/4 cup That Dam Jam

1 Small Wheel of Camembert or Brie

Fresh Thyme for Garnish (Optional)

Chopped Pistachios For Garnish (Optional)


-Preheat oven to 400 Degrees

-Spray your knife so it doesn't stick, and dice up your Brie or Camembert into small pieces

-Lay down a small amount of flour, and roll out your puff pastry slightly into an even, pliable rectangle - Use a pizza cutter to cut into thin, rectangles, I like to layer one going each way into each muffin cup, making 12 at a time. You could use mini muffin tins to do a larger batch of bite-size tartlets!

-Once you've laid out strips of puff pastry into each cup, place one or two pieces of cheese in each cup, followed by a teaspoon of That Dam Jam

-Bake for 15-20 mins or until golden brown

-Add thyme & pistachio for garnish!

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