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Prosciutto, Ricotta, & apple toasts w/ Arugula + pepper jelly

This recipe is perfect for summer! It's a quick and easy, healthy option for lunch that packs a ton of flavor!

Makes 2 Toasts

Ingredients :

1 Apple (Core + Slice Thin)

2 Pieces Sourdough Bread (Toasted)

2 Handfuls Fresh Arugula

Half a lemon (Juiced)

Salt + Pepper

1/2 cup ricotta cheese

olive oil

Small Package of Prosciutto (separate pieces and cut crosswise)

2 TBSP That Dam Jam

Directions :

1) In a medium bowl, toss arugula with salt, pepper, + lemon juice

2) In a separate bowl, whip ricotta cheese with a drizzle of olive oil + salt/pepper until blended & smooth

3) Toast Sourdough, and spread whipped ricotta over each piece

4) Place about a handful of arugula over each piece

5) Layer on a few pieces of prosciutto + apple slices

6) Top with a spoonful of your favorite flavor of That Dam Jam! Spread evenly over the toasts


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